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Domestic Scaffolding

Domestic scaffolding may look simple, but a safe, cost-effective solution may require years of experience of similar installations.

Domestic Buildings

Central Scaffolding (Burton) Ltd. are always happy to view the requirements and quote for you on a no-obligation basis.

Church Building Restoration

This is highly specialised work requiring a skilled approach and wide experience. It is important to consider the historical importance of the building, and our team will have extensive disussions with the contractor, architect, conservation officer and client on how to approach the project, with particular reference to any tying in to the building itself.

Awkward Access

Many smaller jobs often have real problems with access which cannot easily be addressed given cost-constraints. Central Scaffolding (Burton) Ltd. are experts at resolving access issues without incurring additional costs
Protective pole caps
help prevent injury
Safety precautions for the public are a priority